D'Amario, et al. v. University of Tampa
UT Settlement
Case No. 7:20-cv-03744-CS

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If you are/were a student who paid, or on whose behalf was paid, tuition and fees to UT for the Spring 2020 semester, and you remained enrolled as of March 1, 2020, you may be entitled to a payment from a class action settlement.

What Is This Lawsuit About?

A Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit against The University of Tampa (“UT” or “Defendant”). The class action lawsuit involves whether UT breached its contract with its students to provide physically in-person, on-campus educational services for the Spring 2020 Semester by transitioning to remote learning and services in March 2020 without issuing partial tuition and fee refunds.  UT denies all allegations of wrongdoing and liability.  There has been no finding of liability by any Court.  However, in order to support its students and to resolve the matter, but without admitting any wrongdoing, UT has agreed to establish a Settlement Fund to resolve all claims in the Action (the “Settlement”).


Who Is In the Settlement Class?

You are included if you are/were a UT student who paid or on whose behalf payment was made to UT for Spring 2020 Semester and who remained enrolled as of March 1, 2020.  Those included in the Settlement will be eligible to receive a pro rata (meaning equal) portion of the Settlement Fund, which will be based on the total out-of-pocket amount of tuition and fees (excluding room and board) paid for the Spring 2020 Semester. 


Option and Deadline
DO NOTHING You will receive a pro rata cash share of the Settlement benefits – based on the total out-of-pocket tuition and fees paid for the Spring 2020 Semester – and will give up your rights to sue the Defendant about the claims in this case.  Please be sure to update your address on the Change of Address Form if you have recently moved.
August 30, 2022 - Passed
You could have submitted an Election Form and received your payment by Venmo or PayPal, applied your payment to future credits at UT to be used no later than the start of the Fall 2023 semester (on August 28, 2023), or directed your payment as a gift to UT for deposit into a scholarship fund administered by UT for the benefit of its students.
August 30, 2022 - Passed
You will receive no benefits, but you will retain any rights you currently have to sue the Defendant about the claims in this case. You could have submitted a Request for Exclusion online or by mail. 
August 30, 2022 - Passed
You could have written to the Court explaining why you didn't like the Settlement.
October 18, 2022 at 3:30 p.m. EST
You could have asked to speak in Court about your opinion of the Settlement on or before August 30, 2022.

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